Flood Boston began as a beautiful group of folks who worked together at the Flood Wall Street action in NYC the day following the People’s Climate March. While our group has grown and changed since its inception, our goal remains the same: we are trying to facilitate an intersectional direct action network here in Boston.

The aim is to bring together a variety of people who have participated in direct actions (whether they be focused on climate justice, combating racism, organizing labor, feminist liberation, counteracting neocolonialism, or the problems of globalization) and who want to participate in more. However, we realize many people are not yet part of an organized group but would like be more involved and participate in direct actions. So, we are trying to involve them as well, and there are many many non-arrestable roles and non-civil disobedience actions which have already been proposed at Flood Boston.

We believe that the people of Boston, united, can accomplish tremendous change. We hope to work with others to create a culture of empowerment, where folks are able and encouraged to step up, plan, and carry out empowering, effective, and principled actions. Our vision is for Flood Boston to become a place where people are empowered and connections are made both in the planning of actions, and in organizing together around intersectional issues.

If you would like to learn more or get on our contact list, let us know at floodboston@gmail.com!


Stories matter, so here’s how FB started. A Boston based affinity group (AG) called “Beantown Burrito” met a couple weeks before participating in Flood Wall Street the day after the People’s Climate March. The Burrito AG was able to take on folks who wanted to participate in the action but didn’t have a group to be a part of. By the time we marched to Wall St., our group of 20 had nearly doubled. We were blown away with how much having trusting relationships helped make us a strong group that became important to the action. You can read what some members of the Burrito wrote after Flood Wall Street, which explains how important our group was to the civil disobedience that occurred that day. Out of 103 arrested at Flood Wall Street, 20 of them came from the Burrito AG.

Even before we came back to Boston, we had conversation about how to bring AG organizing to Boston. Our imaginations ran wild with what would be possible if many AGs worked together in a decentralized fashion. The beauty of the AG model is that folks are empowered to bring their creativity and energy, take on autonomous action, and connect with others in coordinated action where they have real ownership.

The power of AG organizing is especially clear around Boston where we already have much organizing happening. And not just direct action (Brayton Point, Salem, pipelines, gas leaks, Statehouse actions) but also groups like BFP/350MA, Mothers Out Front, and campus climate groups as well as more environmental justice focused groups like ACE and Toxics Action Center. People involved in these groups wanting to take part in direct action and/or support direct action can connect with Flood Boston and have real ownership over what we do together.

FB brings awareness that in addressing the climate crisis, we can and must win on all the progressive issues we want anyways: good paying jobs; affordable and reliable public transit; decent housing (that is highly efficient and thus cheaper); women’s rights; social programs that raise up women, folks of color, and poor people; healthcare as a right; education as a right; an end to military aggression and bloated budgets; ultimately, real democracy. We believe that direct action and its ability to shut down business-as-usual is a powerful tool to help us achieve what we need.

The best way to get involved is to show up! Here’s our calendar. The convening committee is the body currently facilitating the network until we have a spokescouncil (with folks representing their AG) in place. We meet every other Sunday, rotating between JP and Cambridge. We welcome anyone to participate in that group. Childcare can be arranged if we know it is necessary in advance.

Please feel free to drop us an email to find out more or set up a phone call at floodboston@gmail.com

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