2nd Spokes-council!

This Sunday, March 1st, we have our second spokes-council meeting. We’ll again be at Encuentro 5, starting at 3PM. The format of the meeting will be broadly similar to last time, again focusing on facilitating connections between many affinity groups working on actions of resistance and support. We hope to grow the network to allow for meaningful and effective cooperation between AG’s (affinity groups).

We again emphasize that AG’s which focus on any issue relating to the environment, human justice, or any other left/progressive cause are welcome! FloodBoston believes that we are fighting one fight, and so we aim to coordinate diverse groups and emphasize points of intersection and commonality.

The meeting will be held at Encuentro 5

9 Hamilton Pl, Suite 2a, Boston, MA 02108

Map: http://goo.gl/maps/zEeft

We will start promptly @ 3:00-5:00 on Sunday, March 1st


Hope to see you there!



Save Cape Wind There will be performances this Wed. and Thurs. at 6PM at South Station, and Friday at 5PM. On Saturday there will be a larger rally on the Common at 1PM. The skit to be performed may be found here, and a video of a previous performance of the song Through Fire and Storm is available, along with sheet music. Should be a good time!

Divest Fund Donations to participating schools may be made here, the money will be held from the school until they divest from fossil fuel investments. Many Boston area schools are participating.

MBTA action Not many details yet, but there is an upcoming action on March 15th to protest the recent inability of the MBTA to keep trains and buses running on time/at all.

United Story: Boston Beyond Today Two evenings of art, performance, and discussion are planned to bring together perspectives and voices of individuals in response to the recent uprising and actions around police brutality in Ferguson, Boston, and beyond. Feb 28th and April 29th, all proceeds to Better Opportunities Inc.

If you have an announcement you would like included in the next FloodBoston email please send it to floodboston@gmail.com

Love and Solidarity,

FloodBoston convening committee


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