First spokes council meeting! 3PM Feb. 1 at E5

The first Flood Boston spokes council meeting will be February 1 at 3PM at Encuentro 5 (9 Hamilton Pl, Suite 2a, Boston). You can see our calendar here. Please come to share what your group has planned and gain support as well as to learn what other groups have planned and how your group can help them.

If you are coming to be a spoke for your AG, please fill out this form. If you have an action planned or brainstormed and want to be included in the agenda it is especially important to fill out the form by Friday at midnight. This meeting is a space to hear about upcoming actions and to facilitate collaboration.

What’s a spokes council? In short, the spokes council is a group of “spokes” meeting to collaborate.  Spokes are individuals speaking with consent of their own group. Ideally, a spoke has members of their group directly behind them as seen in the image below. Also, spokes should be rotated so that one person doesn’t gain disproportionate power.

Why a spokes council? Mainly because it fits what we (the convening committee) of Flood Boston have been trying to facilitate–a way for autonomous affinity groups and organizations to coordinate. Spokes Councils have a long history on which to learn and build, the structure is rooted in anarchist practice in the Spanish Revolution and draws on much indigenous organizing, especially the Zapatistas in Mexico. The model has been used by anti-nuclear activists in the 80s and global justice organizers after that. The wonderful thing about a spokes council is that many people can participate in a democratic, transparent, and accountable way.

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