Affinity Group Training followed by #FloodBoston Discussion Meeting

Hello co-conspirators,

This Sunday at 4:45 pm at the Boston Anarchist Bookfair being held at the George Sherman Union of Boston University (775 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA) will be an introduction to affinity groups and the decentralized model of direct action. In this brief one-hour workshop, we will discuss the theory and recent applications of this model. The majority of the time, however, will be spent in practical exercises in affinity group formation. You can check out the Bookfair workshop schedule here.

Afterwards, at 6:30 pm, also at BU, we will hold a general meeting of the #floodboston network (exact location TBD). Rather than jumping back into our discussions of targets and tactics, the convening committee would like to take this time to ground ourselves and think about the meaning of climate justice. We will share stories of indigenous resistance to colonialism and destruction of nature and think critically about where we stand in relation to these struggles. Our hope is initiate a process of questioning as we approach the annual ritual affirmation of false national mythology known as Thanksgiving (more accurately thanksTAKING) and hopefully to strengthen our resolve to face the immense challenges ahead.

Whether you are already part of an affinity group or looking to form one, we hope you will stick around to build the personal relationships that will be crucial in the success of this network.

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